Personal Builds- Second Build Using Cisco Meraki Go Products

Recently had another chance to build a small network for a client, and due to a previous build’s success with Cisco’s Meraki Go product line, I figured I would do relatively the same thing, but with some improvements (including PoE capabilities).

Parts List:

  • Meraki Go Indoor Wi-Fi Access Point | Cloud Managed | Mesh | Cisco [GR10-HW-US]
  • Meraki Go by Cisco | 8 Port PoE Network Switch | Cloud Managed | [GS110-8P-HW-US]
  • Polycom VVX 250 Desktop Business IP Phone
  • Multiple TV’s, PC’s, monitors, etc.

This office needed a lot of work identifying the poorly and incorrectly labeled existing data cables, so much of the project was spent re-terminating each cable, tracing where it went (and where it should go), and ensuring I re-labeled everything and documented as much as I could.

This is how it looked when I first arrived.

This is what I ended up with. I would love to have been able to sand and paint the wall, but time was somewhat limited.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Cisco’s Meraki Go product line; they are effortless to install and setup, provide just enough security settings without bloating the app and allow for customizable broadcasts (which is nice when you are installing numerous Wi-Fi builds for different tenants in the same building). While the WAP is inside a closet, I didn’t notice any drop in network coverage regardless of where I was in the office.

Overall, it was an enjoyable learning experience trying to understand a previous technician’s work and make improvements where I could. As a lover of the documentation phase, I am devoting extra time to ensuring the next person who works on this will not be as stressed as I was.

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