Meraki Go: Small Builds Need Love Too

Hello all. I wanted to share a small build I recently finished for a client who needed a quick network setup with minimal required maintenance, zero license fees, and enhanced scalability. As a lover of Cisco products, I decided to give the Meraki Go product line a try. I am also managing their phone system utilizing 8×8.

The old build, installed by Cox, was quite old; it consisted of outdated network equipment and a messy rat nest of phone lines that seemed to go nowhere.

After removing everything, I cleaned the support panel and began installing the new equipment. At a later point, I will be removing the white support panel and relocating all network equipment in a hidden spot behind the ceiling tiles, but for now, this will do.

Parts List:

  • Meraki Go Indoor Wi-Fi Access Point | Cloud Managed | Mesh | Cisco [GR10-HW-US]
  • Meraki Go by Cisco | 8 Port Network Switch | Cloud Managed | [GS110-8-HW-US]
  • TP-Link AC600 USB Wireless Network Adapter (for a mobile/rolling workstation)
  • Polycom VVX 250 Desktop Business IP Phone
  • Multiple TV’s, PC’s, monitors, etc.

I must say, the installation of the Meraki Go equipment was a breeze, having everything running with the mobile app within minutes. The most challenging part of this build was navigating the crawl spaces in the room to run data cables and then tracing the existing cables to figure out what goes where. I also ran into an issue powering the Polycom phone as the switch I chose isn’t POE; to fix this, I ordered a power cable for the phone.

After around $400 in parts and several hours of labor, the system is up and running, providing both wired and wireless internet access and enhanced voice capabilities. For future smaller network builds, I believe I will be choosing Meraki Go’s line of products more often. After testing everything, I got a little more than 100 Mbps up/down using Wi-Fi (about what I can normally expect at this location) no matter where I was in the office. The Meraki Go app allows for quick changes and viewing security and uptime at a glance; this enables me to administer the network remotely and not have to come to the office every time there is an issue.

While the finished build is somewhat lacking in visual appearance, at least compared to most of my other projects, I was limited with my design due to minimal space in the office. Another project completed, so many more to go.

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