Jetpack, an Automattic product, is one of the most impressive items I have in my content and website creation toolbelt. Its basic features are included in all plans; however, each WordPress plan upgrade includes more functionality. There are also paid versions of Jetpack available in multiple plans such as Personal, Premium, and Professional. So, what exactly is Jetpack you ask? Well, let me enlighten you.

Jetpack is an all-in-one module that manages and secures your website. Some of the various services Jetpack provides are stats and analytics, simple CSS editing, useful widgets, centralized posting, social sharing, site management, plugin auto updates, and enhanced distribution. In paid plans, users also get the added benefits from custom META data tools, easy payment buttons, advertising tools, Google Analytics integration, malware scanning, and 1-on-1 consultation.

Tons of features, right? Now the most critical question. What can it do for you?


Let’s start with visitor engagement. With Jetpack’s site stats, you can gain useful insights about your website’s traffic. Nowadays, being active on social media is something that is just as important to your success as is your content, and by implementing the straightforward social sharing buttons on your posts, your viewers can effectively share your content, thus expanding your visibility with minimal effort. Furthermore, Jetpack allows you to instantly publicize your posts to your selected social media accounts, making the entire process painless. As someone who doesn’t even use (#) hashtags, any help is appreciated.

Jetpack further boosts engagement by replacing the built-in WordPress search feature with the enhanced Elasticsearch tool, aids users in creating sitemaps, as well as allows visitors to subscribe to your website. Coupled with extra widgets such as Twitter timelines and Facebook like boxes, Gravatar Hovercards, and shortcode embeds, your website will be expanding its traffic in no time.


Similar to anything that is valuable to you, security is vital; this is especially important with anything that resides online. With Jetpack’s added security features such as brute force login attempt prevention, continuous site monitoring, secure authentication, plugin updates, scanning, backups, and spam filtering, your website will benefit from the level of protection it deserves.


Next, Jetpack can improve the design and flow of your website. Anything from tiled galleries, custom CSS, carousel functions, optimizing images, customizable widget visibility, enabling infinite scroll, and adding mobile themes can be accomplished.


Jetpack boosts writing capabilities as well, by allowing the use of shortlinks, contact forms, markdown syntax, custom content types, posts by email, proofreading, and numerous SEO tools.

Closing Thoughts

While you can access many of these features using different plugins in WordPress, you would have to add multiple to get the same collective benefits as Jetpack. Having abundant plugins can slow down your website and cause headaches as errors pop up when trying to get plugins to work with each other. Jetpack, by itself, unlocks the full capabilities of your website by allowing you to increase engagement, boost security, edit appearances, and effortlessly create new content. Feel free to check out their website for more info.


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