Having been recently accepted into the Affiliate Program, I wanted to cover some of the Automattic products I will be advertising on my website., Jetpack, and WooCommerce are some of my favorite tools to both create, protect, and monetize my content. In a series of three posts, I will review each of these products and share my experience with them.

First, let’s start with, the tool I have used to create this very website. While there are several products and companies that one can use for creating a website, I honestly prefer They provide the canvas, domain, and inspiration needed to help you start an online business or create a blog. You also get access to monetizing your site, plugins, and their fantastic customer service. For those who are not skilled at coding, there are support forums to help one learn, as well as gain the knowledge needed to perform anything in website creation process.

As I initially began on Blogger, I was able to quickly and effortlessly transfer all of my posts to There are several plans to choose from, such as Free, Personal, Premium, and Business. Each one of these plans provides increasingly sophisticated tools for users including custom domain names, access to Jetpack, email and live chat support, unlimited premium themes, advanced customization, site monetization, and SEO tools. With my WordPress Business Account, I also gain Google Analytics integration and the ability to remove branding.

Additionally, WordPress allows you to edit your website’s CSS, opening up a wide range of customization options. By spending time doing this, I have ultimately taught myself how to code in a new language, which is always a celebrated achievement in the world of information technology. Now, I want to further discuss how amazing their customer service is. Having run into a few issues with my Google Ads account, the tool I use to advertise my website, I had to turn to the Happiness Engineers at for help. Within just a few seconds of opening up a live chat, I was immediately explaining the problem I had and finding solutions to address the situation. While there are cheaper alternatives to, I have yet to discover a simpler all-in-one solution for content creation.

This product enabled me to take my first steps into website and content creation. By improving my SEO, digital marketing, and coding skills, I am now well versed in many areas that I wasn’t before. Having the chance to share what I have learned through school and work with others is such an enjoyable way to expand my resume as well as continuously learn new best practices and rising trends of the tech industry. With, the canvas, paint, and brushes, so to speak, are provided; they merely need your guidance.

Feel free to check out their website for more info; I promise you will not be disappointed.


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