Solid Commerce Review, E-commerce Order and Management Software

Solid Commerce, something I use on a daily basis, is a multichannel order & inventory management software that provides a user/company with a wide range of benefits. Modern society’s spending habits have gone digital as of late, and the popularity of e-commerce is highlighted by companies like Amazon, which are dominating in revenue. However, there are numerous channels one can choose to sell their products on, such as eBay, Walmart, and over a dozen others. With the high number of available channels and the significant amount of data that is involved with e-commerce, any help is appreciated.
 As a company grows, proper inventory management is crucial to track and manage orders and shipments. By using Solid Commerce, this is all accomplished efficiently and simply. Users can also create and manage listings, post shipping information, sync with WMS (Warehouse Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, and benefit from having over 60 supported marketplaces to use. My favorite feature is the e-commerce Dashboard and Reports. These intelligence reports let you view and track online sales through all channels.

From an IT standpoint, Solid Commerce’s sales tracking and intelligence aid IT professionals in determining server needs, as well as what the manner and extent that advertising should be handled. Additionally, having a simple way to view canceled orders and other shipping information makes troubleshooting a straight-forward process.

Solid Commerce is a great tool to help evolve and advance any company/user dealing with e-commerce, as well as strengthen IT operations. Check out the link below to learn more.


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