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200th Post! Microsoft Managed Desktop- What to Expect

200th Post! 
For IT professionals, Microsoft’s update schedule and performance have been less than ideal. Whether it is compatibility issues, having Microsoft pull patches after posting or general deployment pains, Windows has been burdened with complications. To answer these concerns, Microsoft is rumored to be developing the Microsoft Managed Desktop (the name is not verified); the Microsoft version of a “desktop as a service.” Users will be able to lease a Windows 10 device and have it automatically updated for a monthly fee.
Little is known of the actual product; however, it is speculated that it will provide instant updates, a high-level of security, and a wide range of productivity tools. The question most are thinking is how will this product be sold? If Microsoft sells the service to enterprises directly, or via partners with added features and a heftier price tag, the end-result of the success could be varied. I would hope that it could be bundled with Microsoft’s other current subscription services, such as Office 365. While it is true that other companies do offer this form of product, I expect that Microsoft’s Managed Desktop would be great competition for them. I will add new information when it is announced.

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