Endpoint Security

When it comes to business, having an adequate endpoint security system is crucial to help protect expensive hardware, data, resources, as well as perform proper maintenance and control network devices.  Patches, updates, adding and removing users, and instant notifications make endpoint security systems an essential part of any company, regardless of size. There are a large number of available products you can use and deciding which one works best for your given situation is the first step you should take. This process should not be taken lightly as it is time-consuming and often stressful to evaluate the different products that companies offer, initialize, and then refine them. For this reason, you want to create a long-term relationship with the company that is providing your business its endpoint security (breakups are always hard).
There are also numerous methods to receive endpoint security such as with SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and cloud-based services. One of my favorite features of high-end endpoint systems is notifications. Imagine, for example, that your company’s network administrator is traveling out of the office and a problem arises, such as a virus. Immediately a text or email notification can be sent to that person, alerting him of the danger, as well as enabling him to correct the problem from his laptop or phone.
Cybersecurity is just as important for an SMB (small to medium-size business) as it is for a larger one, due to the lack of resources the smaller one might have to implement a costly security system. Also, smaller companies are often targeted more frequently than larger ones due to the simplicity of gaining access. Some other features of endpoint security systems are email scanning, storage management, improved systems utilization, mobile device management, remote troubleshooting, and improved scalability. 2 of the highest rated endpoint security systems are from Bitdefender- Bitdefender GravityZone Elite and  ESET- ESET Endpoint Protection Standard (links below). I hope this information helps!

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