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Random Thoughts Volume 1: Can We Live Forever?



One event that I believe we are nearing is the extension of our limited human years or even doing away with them entirely and living forever. The medical technology currently can replace a broken limb with an almost full functioning replacement which is stronger, lighter, and much more durable. Replacing all four of your limbs would cut down the chances of a blood clot in one of them as well as less area for your heart to have to pump blood to. Next, individual parts of our inner body can be replaced as well as improving them greatly. Everything from artificial lungs and hearts can be upgraded to a stronger piece of equipment which is durable and replaceable. Using just our technology now one can reduce the risk of cancer as well as many other medical improvements by removing as much of our delicate bodies as we can and replace them with artificial devices.
An area of technology that is getting a lot of interest is the process of uploading a person’s consciousness into a computer. Once this occurs, we will “live on” in that computer, free of our aging bodies. Attaching this to a robot, or even another person’s body would create pretty much the ability to live for as long as you had the money to. You could perform a sort of reincarnation and just hop into another host or body every time yours needs replacing. This all would impact the world enormously by extending the life of our most intelligent men and women allowing them to continue their work longer. Can you imagine what Nikola Tesla could have done if he was allowed to continue his research even until now? This would also affect the arrangement of the rich and poor. Kind of like it is now, the rich can live past some medical issues with the funding for hospital stays and surgeries where the poor can’t. Although the rich still have to die sometime, right?
Well, once technology gets to the point that you could extend a human’s life for much longer than now, the rich really will be able to live as long as they could afford to. After some time, the only individuals who would survive would just be well off families as our old form of reproduction would be inadequate and probably only for the poor. However, the poor would most likely have an even shorter lifespan than now as the necessity for stable food production, clean water, and things such as immunizations wouldn’t be needed for the rich, so would be deemed useless. Anyways, this was just random thoughts I had today at work.

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