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How to Combat Insomnia Using Technology


Insomnia is a widespread condition that numerous people encounter and one of the worst things about it, I feel, is the loneliness that comes with it. Insomnia is defined as the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. I believe that a website tailored to your specific needs falling asleep could help solve this problem. It would feature connectivity to other people who share the same sleepless nights via forums and private messages, as well as an interactive program that includes things like music, news, games, and other media that all have a calming demeanor and encourage you to relax and become tired.
Another method would be having the brightness of the display gradually dim according to the time the user logs in as well as the activity of their actions; as the user begins to use the mouse and keyboard less, the app will act accordingly. A user would log in, and an individually tailored program would begin. You could play some games or read articles that you already have chosen which wouldn’t stimulate you and as you watch or play them as well as calming music tailored to you would be playing in the background. Interaction on forums with other people I think would be the most excellent tool. Hearing others share your problems no matter what they are, seem to always help. If you offered all of this for free and just made your money advertising I think you could make a significant amount of profit as this goes after a market that many companies are unable to touch; then usual sleeping hours of a consumer. I would offer a paid monthly package as well offering one on one counseling with a licensed therapist via a webcam program, as well added customizability and features different than the free program.
The ways I would create my website is first research insomnia; what causes it, what helps prevent it, and what tools do people with insomnia already have to combat it. I would need to create a website and a domain name that is catchy and instantly gives you the desired intention of my program. Creating a forum, webcam, and music capabilities are easy enough as many companies will let you use their programs for free as they get advertising out of it. With the help of licensed psychologists and therapists, writing notes and approvals of certain types of music and games which encourage one to fall asleep as well as using them for the one on one counseling would be very beneficial.  More than one-quarter of people in the U.S. occasionally report not getting enough sleep, and those numbers are rising with the youth in this generation. Technology seems to be the main cause, why not combat it with technology as well?


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