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Random Thoughts Volume 2: Living on Mars- Why? How?

jordan-opel-540944-unsplash.jpgMars is a hot topic currently as companies such as SpaceX have their sights aimed at establishing a colony in the future, but how viable will it really be? On my lunch, I decided to create a quick summary of it all. What do you think?
Mars information-
·         Radius of 6805km with a gravity of 0.38g, 11% of Earths mass
·         Atmosphere of 95% carbon dioxide, 3% Nitrogen, 1.6% argon
·         Temperature, High of about 70*F and low of about -225*F
·         100-pound man would weigh 38 pounds with its gravity
·         Orbits sun every 687 earth days, Martian days are about 30 minutes              longer
Why Mars?
·         Has an excellent potential for terraforming
·         Seasons like Earth: warmth and light due to the proximity of the sun
·         Soil contains water to extract
·         Enough sunlight for solar panels
·         Atmosphere to offer protection from radiation
·         Ensures the human race’s survivability due to Earth’s failing health
·         Growing political/economic leadership
Difficulties of living there
·         Extreme Cold weather
·         Dust storms during which light from the sun drops by 99%
·         Isolation
·         Who to send?
·         Radiation, gravity, atmosphere
·         Cost, getting there/back. Initial set-up/upkeep of colony, continued           support
What we need and how to get it
·         Large structure with reflective plates to manage heat
·         Energy alternative
·         Sustainability, food, water, warmth, waste
·         Cost effective transport to and from Mars
·         Population of carefully screened and tested individuals
Sustaining life
·         Recycling everything
·         Biospheres
·         Energy creation and storage
·         Pesticides, Antibiotics
·         Proper de-contamination
·         Psychological checks
Who to send?
·         Young healthy individuals, fertile, physically fit
·         Stable, emotionally and psychologically
·         Intelligent in the specific areas that are needed
·         Language and country of origin
·         Proper size to fit in spacecraft as well as small corridors of buildings
The psychological impact on human isolation
·         Social Isolation
·         Depression, insomnia, fatigue, boredom, emotional instability
·         Loss of privacy
·         Life indoors, confinement
·         Lack of health and mental health services
·         Reproducing
·         Self-contained habitat important features
·         Radiation protection and Atmosphere regulation
·         Micro-organisms from Earth and Mars
·         Problems making it self-sufficient, supplies from earth
·         Temp, radiation and humidity, water processing, Oxygen circulation, fire detection, and suppression, CO2 removal


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