Security Software Recommendations for Mobile Devices



The use of mobile devices has risen dramatically in recent years and will continue to grow as technology advances, and our desires change. While shielding desktops and laptops with security software are common practice, many users do not provide the same protection to their wireless internet devices. Thanks to the current technology level, wireless devices can often perform many of the same tasks a desktop can, such as storing large amounts of vulnerable and personal data. The essential security tools that wireless devices usually come with, such as password or pin authorization or fingerprint scanning, help prevent unauthorized access, although any skilled cybercriminal can bypass these shields with minimal effort. To beef up your wireless device’s security, it is recommended to install a third-party application. Below are some recommendations for both Apple and Android devices.


Some cellular phone companies like Apple, for example, feature a closed source operating system which strengthens its protection from hackers; however, nothing can completely get rid of the threat. One security program that I thoroughly enjoy on Apple products is McAfee Mobile Security. This program will work on many different types of devices and features automatic encryption, backs up contacts, and alerts the user if someone attempts to access your device.


Android devices (my personal favorite) do not share the same closed source operating system that Apple uses instead of an open-source program; this makes these devices’ vulnerability significantly higher. Lookout Mobile Security is a great app that features physical and digital protection for your device and is highly recommended for Android users. Lookout also includes lost phone protection thanks to the Find My Phone tool, and a user can back up all their data onto the cloud.

The two programs mentioned have many benefits to offer to those who wish to secure their sensitive information, whether it is stored credit card information or an embarrassing picture of someone flexing in the mirror. With proper research, finding the right security software for your wireless device will be a relatively straightforward process and yet can make a drastic increase in your wireless devices’ protection and safety. Feel free to follow the link below to view Top Ten Review’s article on the best mobile security software of 2017 for further help. I hope this information helps, and as always, happy gaming!



“The Best Mobile Security Software of 2017”. Top Ten Reviews. Web. 27 Dec 2016. Accessed 15 May 2017.


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