What Happens When I Get Bored

Congrats on our 560th post! Decided to give the spare all-in-one PC that I use for my son’s baby monitor/home security system a slight RAM upgrade, CPU repaste, and add some cooling since my CPU seems to hover around 60*C and spike to 80*C while actively streaming. I had all the parts laying around and some free time, so figured I would play around with it and see what I could do.

Ugly, but functional.

Easy-to-access RAM and a method of entry for cold air? Sounds good to me.
Dual TeamGroup 8GB RAM
Perfect fit.
Less than perfect fit. The PC only had one exhaust, so I cleaned the CPU fan and attached a spare cooler to help extract hot air.
Feel free to roast me.

Both fans will be powered by a USB to fan connector, allowing both fans to run at full speed. After cleaning the PC of dust, repasting the CPU, and adding the extra intake and exhaust fans, I have dropped my CPU temps dramatically, and the extra noise isn’t that noticeable. While the fans look quite ugly, they are not visible when the PC is sitting on my desk.

All in all, it was a fun little project, giving me more performance with the extra RAM and hopefully will extend the life of the aging all-in-one a bit. Since I only use this computer for monitoring my son’s room and my house’s security system, I figure this will do the trick. I did end up removing the top fan as it really wasn’t necessary, I just have a mountain of old parts sitting around so was just having some fun.

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