Modem/Router Overheating? Throw Some Fans On It!

After switching to fiber internet, I haven’t had a chance to buy an upgraded modem/router yet. The ISP-provided unit started crashing, and the prime suspect is overheating. Currently, I have an Axon series C4000XG modem.

While my internet speeds are around 600 Mbps via Wi-Fi and in the 950 Mbps range for wired, having so many active streaming devices and PCs running at once seems to push the little stock router past its breaking point. This device has no fans but has somewhat good ventilation at both the top and bottom.

So, since I have somewhat of a collection of spare PC parts laying around, I ordered a cheap sub-$10 USB to 3/4-pin cable and threw on an old Intel CPU cooler that I used to use for cooling down the backplate of my 3090s while mining. The fan simply exhausts hot air at the top of the device, drawing up cold air from the ventilation slots at the bottom.

Originally, I also threw on an old 120mm fan to the bottom to push cold air up to the top fan but found it to not be very effective.

The current fiber ONT box is also stock, and while it has no active cooling, it, like the router, has plenty of ventilation openings begging for airflow. So, I just threw the 120mm fan under the hookup for now.

Ugly? Yes. Beneficial? Who knows.

While this is just temporary until I upgrade the router, this unit will be eventually installed in my office, grating me extra data ports while I continue to put together my final home lab build.

We will have to wait to see if this stops the crashing, but I can already tell the thermals are much better. And since it all cost less than $10, it bought me some time until I need to upgrade.

Categories: Hardware

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