Security was created by Gordon Lyon, or his online handle ‘Fyodor,’ and is more of a vanity page that provides numerous links for his helpful security resources. Fyodor also runs,, and works and maintains the Nmap Security Scanner; furthermore, he has authored and co-authored many books. As has many tools that can benefit a security program, I will only discuss it’s Nmap Security Scanner.

Nmap, or Network Mapper, is a free, open-source tool used for security auditing and network discovery. As modern organization’s IT infrastructure can be quite enormous and continuously changing, Nmap’s ability to use raw IP packets to determine what hosts are on a network, their services, what firewalls they are running, as well as what OS they use, can save time, money, and increase security by locating vulnerable devices and software.

At my job, we recently built a new IT infrastructure during our building upgrade/move. One of the more time-consuming tasks was to simply record what devices and software we had before the move, as well as at the end of the build. By using Nmap, I can quickly discover everything, as well as find (and close) gaps in security. Currently, I am searching through Fyodor’s many other products and services, as I am sure they will be extremely beneficial for me now, and into my future career.


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