3 Methods for Assessing Physical Security

To assess the physical security of an organization, one can utilize many methods to test each protective layer in the system. One of the most common would be to merely have an individual (that security staff and ID systems don’t recognize) attempt to gain access; this would be similar to ethical hacking and intrusion tests. As the person who is trying to gain access uses, for example, the front entrance, interior stairways, and main elevator, he or she can document what intrusion methods worked, what didn’t, and any noticeable gaps in security.

Another method of assessing the physical security of an organization would be to look at the statistics of all alarms and events within a specific timeframe, preferably comparing them to older data. For example, if you had recently installed a new video surveillance system at a building, you could assess its effectiveness by compiling the number of times it prevented a break-in, loss of item, or another notable event in the past year; then, using this data, compare the previous year’s stats (using the old video surveillance system, for example).

Finally, you could also look at crime statistics in the area and compare it to your building. By talking with local police and fire departments (as well as some Google searches), it is pretty easy to obtain geographical crime data (areas with the highest number of break-ins, the average number of events of a typical building, etc.). By using crime statistics, you can then compare the data to your organization, thus figuring out if your security system is performing at, below, or above reasonable expectations.

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