Review: Lefun C2 720P Wireless Baby Monitor


I have been in the market for a baby monitor/camera for quite some time as my newborn, Dean, can be quite the little troublemaker. As a lover of technology, I have been searching for an all-in-one wireless HD camera which has all of the latest innovations; however, filling the role for a device which keeps an eye on my baby is no easy task (primarily upon hearing the stories of hacked baby monitors).

Initially, I had several more expensive models in mind. However, I decided to test out a cheaper monitor first; especially since I will be moving relatively soon to a much larger house. So, after reading reviews, comparing prices, and procrastinating, I decided to pull the trigger on a Lefun 720p Baby Monitor.


First, for a little background of the device, the Lefun monitor features 720p HD live streaming to multiple devices, 350° horizontal and 100° vertical rotation, 8x digital zoom, real-time motion alerts, image and video capturing, wired and wireless connection, night vision, noise cancellation, and encrypted and secured settings and data transfers.


Setting up the device was pretty painless; although, I could definitely tell that going with a wired connection has its benefits over wireless. The process of trying to connect to my wireless network was a tad irritating, having to hold the device close to my phone, turning up the volume of my phone’s speaker, and waiting for the monitor to activate based on the rather annoying signal that my phone emitted. I ended up having to repeat the process a few times, which then led me to just hard wire the monitor. Due to the placement of the baby monitor (pretty much right by my wireless router), hard wiring the device wasn’t too big of a problem, but still, since the Lefun monitor can be mounted on the wall and have multiple monitors connected to form a network, relying on a hard wire for connectivity is a disappointment (note: honestly, I didn’t spend too much time troubleshooting the Wi-Fi connection to the device, so maybe there was a workaround to my issue).


After I recovered from the headache I gained from installing the Lefun monitor, I was thoroughly impressed by its abilities. For such an inexpensive baby monitor, the app which controls the camera was pretty well-built, offering many tools such as zooming and screen capturing. The movement from the camera is effortlessly controlled by merely dragging your finger across the screen, and the quality of the live feed was excellent.

Another remarkable feature is the ability to allow others to have access to the Lefun app as well; after I created my Lefun account and added the baby monitor to it, both my wife and I were able to view and control the baby monitor from each of our phones.

Just a friendly reminder, whenever you are adding a wireless device to your network (especially one with a camera), ensure that you change the default password on the new device, as well as your router. Furthermore, you should always enable the most advanced security features the device allows for, such as 2-step authentication.


While I was relatively satisfied with the Lefun monitor, I could tell that the device wasn’t directly aimed at being a baby monitor, missing several of the features that more expensive models have. For example, while I knew the device didn’t come with them, it would have been nice to have some sensors, such as temperature or air quality, as well as an auto-wake up ability if there is sound or movement.

The materials used on the monitor seemed rather cheap, which is expected with a less expensive model; however, it still had me questioning how long the Lefun would last. Since the camera can swivel both vertically and horizontally, the strain caused to the flimsy plastic would have had me nervous over time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am satisfied with the Lefun baby monitor, simple due to the low price I paid ($39.99). However, since I plan on having multiple cameras in my new house, I do not think I will go with this product (even though you can add multiple devices to your app and view them all). For a low-budget method of keeping an eye on your little one, the Lefun baby monitor satisfies most of what I was looking for, but when it comes to your baby’s safety, is it really worth saving a few dollars?

For more information about the Lefun baby monitor, check out their website here.


Image and Content: Lefun Smart (2019). “Baby Monitor, Lefun Wireless IP Security Camera Nanny Cam with Cloud Storage Two Way Audio Pan/Tilt/Zoom Night Vision Remote Control for Home Surveillance Pet Monitoring.” Retrieved from

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