Review: VIVO Adjustable Under-Desk and Wall PC Mount (MOUNT-PC01)


Since we have new motorized sit-stand desks, I have been testing different options for mounting or placing our desktop computers. Many of our PCs are mid-size, so they take up a decent amount of room compared to the mini-PCs we use in our warehouse. One option, seen below, is the ‘Humanscale CPU600’; I purchased and installed this mount on a test workstation, and while impressed, it left me wanting more.


As you can see in the image above, the mount wasn’t secure enough to fully cradle the PC, requiring a Velcro strap to be used; while this would have still been adequate for our needs, I am somewhat of a perfectionist. So, I decided to try another model.

We already use VIVO’s products for mounting our displays, such as the ‘VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand (STAND-V002),’ shown below.


So, I figured I would give VIVO’s ‘Adjustable Under-Desk and Wall PC Mount (MOUNT-PC01)’ a try. VIVO’s mount, coming in at around $25.00 each, offers heavy-duty construction, 360° swivel capabilities, an adjustable frame, protective padding, and a 3-year manufacturer warranty. As mentioned before, most of our computers are in the mid-size category, with the exception of a few mini’s and one full-tower; due to this, we needed a mount that can accept a variety of weights and sizes, as well as be able to be quickly taken down for maintenance.


My Thoughts


VIVO’s ‘Adjustable Under-Desk and Wall PC Mount’ has many advantages over the ‘Humanscale CPU600.’ First, VIVO’s mount has an adjustable width of 3.5” to 8” and an adjustable height of 12” to 21,” securing our mid-size and full-tower machine with ease. While both mounts have 360° swivel capabilities, VIVO allowed for either tightening or loosening the resistance of the movement; this helps reduce the chance of an employee kicking the machine causing it to turn, which then could cause damage when changing the height of our motorized desks. Although, the most significant contributing factor of my decision to go with VIVO’s mount was the $25 price tag, compared to the outrageously priced $129 ‘Humanscale CPU600.’


Since I had to install about 25 under-the-desk mounts, the assembly process needed to be straightforward. Thankfully with VIVO’s mount, I had the device put together and installed in a matter of minutes. The hardest part was just routing wires in new directions, adding a few longer cables, and making everything look pretty. To quickly summarize, there are a few stick-on protective pads that need placement, some adjustments made to accommodate PC size, and finally mounting the top plate using four screws.

I must say, the first time I installed the mount, I completely removed the top plate thinking that it would be easier not having to hold up the entire thing while I was screwing everything in. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to reattach everything while the device is already mounted. Furthermore, I underestimated the durability of our sit-stand desks; the material used is nearly impossible to penetrate using a typical screwdriver, or even my personal drill. So, I ended up having to use one of our more powerful electric drills to cut pilot holes for each mount, followed by inserting the screws.

 For the next 24 installations, my skills increased each time (thank God). Instead of trying to guess the location of the holes or holding up the plate under the desk and marking each hole location with a pencil, I created a printout which made the process effortless. Then, I simply taped the paper under the desk, allowing me to see exactly how close to each side of the desk I wanted my mount to be and where each hole needed to be drilled.



Overall, I am pretty pleased with VIVO’s ‘Adjustable Under-Desk and Wall PC Mount.’ For the price, I was surprised to receive accurate instructions, plenty of additional mounting options (wood stud, concrete wall), and for the device be crafted in a high-quality steel. The completed mount, in conjunction with VIVO’s ‘Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand,’ frees up a significant amount of room on each desk and removes many of the wires that were visible before. So, If you are tired of your bulky PC taking up space with its obnoxiously loud fans and cluttered cabling, give the VIVO ‘Adjustable Under-Desk and Wall PC Mount a try; I highly recommend it.


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