Review: NavePoint 9U 450mm Depth Networking Cabinet (Performance Series)



As we are nearing the move-in date for our new building, we are starting to receive daily shipments of various tech products; due to this, I thought I would take a break from logging everything into my Hardware Inventory List and perform a quick review of our new wall-mount cabinet. We will be using NavePoint’s 9U 450mm Depth Networking Cabinet (Performance Series) to hold two switches, which will then connect to two other switches in a separate room/bay. By using four switches of the same model, we can separate our data and phone lines, increase our fault tolerance/redundancy, as well as simplify future expansions.

Let me first say how easy the assembly was for this product; in around 20 minutes (which includes my usual “oh, look at that, cool!” time) this wall-mounted cabinet was ready to go. The materials used for the case seemed to fall into that sweet spot of being light enough to transport but strong enough to withstand a drop. With a 130-pound weight capacity, sturdy welded frame structure, and a reinforced, reversible glass front door with a security lock, this cabinet more than delivered on my initial expectations. In the image below, you will find what this product looked like in assembly (excuse the mess).


Since this cabinet will be in a different location away from our cooled and secured server room, I needed a product which had a method of heat-reduction as well as protection from unauthorized personnel. The Navepoint 9U 450mm Depth Networking Cabinet features removable, locking side panels and two built-in AC 120V, 43dB fans to help cool everything down. As trying to keep track of and share a single key for an entire business can be somewhat tricky, I was glad to see that this cabinet includes multiple copies. The fans were quiet enough and put out some decent airflow, however, as I tend to customize pretty much anything that I can, I am sure I will eventually upgrade them.

Overall, I think the NavePoint 9U 450mm Depth Networking Cabinet (Performance Series) is an excellent product, especially for the price of $137.56. Will the cabinet hold up to the abuse of mounting and installation of our switches? Only time will tell; however, I am pretty confident in this little thing already. For more information on this product, check out their website here.

Below are a few other products we received today. 

Cisco Meraki MX64W


Cisco Wireless-AC/N Dual Radio Access Point with Single Point Setup


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