Shadow: High-End PC Gaming on Mobile Devices


For those of us involved with PC gaming, building a computer can be one of the most enjoyable and enlightening projects; however, having to upgrade your graphics card and other components every month or so to keep up with the fast growth of technology can be pricey and annoying. Furthermore, being able to game on the go can really only be done by using an expensive gaming laptop, unless you feel like carrying around your desktop PC with you through the airport. Many years ago, I saw a void in the marketplace for a product/system that can use the internet to enable high-end gaming to mobile devices, in the form of a virtual computer that is accessible no matter where you are. Today, my previous dream has been answered, and the Shadow cloud-streaming service is now available for all.

What is Shadow?

Shadow is a subscription-based streaming service, allowing you to access a remote, dedicated Windows 10 PC; you can use this PC as you would if it was your own, installing files, changing settings, checking emails, and playing the latest AAA games. With Shadow apps for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and even some smart TVs (Shadow Ghost), you can access a high-performance gaming rig from the comfort of your office, home, or anywhere you have a stable internet connection.

What Games Can You Play?

Shadow makes full use of your current game library (Steam, Origin,, so new games do not need to be purchased. Also, each component of your dedicated PC in which you access remotely is constantly upgraded, ensuring you can play at max settings, no matter the game. The greatest attribute of this app is how simple it is to install; a quick three-step procedure is all that is required. Merely download Shadow onto your device, sign-in, and then install the PC games that you already own.


For those like myself who had questions about the safety of your data, Shadow guarantees that your sensitive information is stored in their secured data centers, ensuring that your data is not accessible from anyone but you, and is never shared.


Now for the bread and butter of the entire operation, the specs of the computers you will have access to.


High-end Dedicated NVIDIA Graphics

GTX 1080 equivalent: up to 60Hz in 4K UHD and 144Hz in Full HD


12GB of RAM

DDR4 – 2400 MHz


256GB Dedicated Storage

High-Speed Internet

1 Gb/s Download

100 Mb/s upload

Operating System

Windows 10

64 bits


For a relatively low price of $34.95 per month, users gain virtual access to their high-end dedicated PC. While I have not had a chance to test it yet, users are reporting the awesome feeling of playing a game that used to require a top of the line gaming rig on their little tablet, ushering in a new generation of mobile gaming. For more information, check out Shadow’s website here.


Content and Image by Shadow. (2019). Shadow- High-Performance Gaming For All. Retrieved from

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