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My Favorite Podcasts, Audiobooks, and Music to Listen to at Work


Sitting at a desk all day staring at a screen can be quite dull, especially due to my transition from the military to the civilian world. Jobs in IT can be tedious, whether it is spending hours trying to figure out errors in a seemingly endless amount of code, managing networks and fixing tickets, or attempting to figure out how your coworker somehow managed to break their computer. To help keep my sanity, increase my level of focus, and boost my mood, I have found that listening to the right song, book, or podcast can turn these mundane tasks into something enjoyable. So, here is a collection of my favorite sources of entertainment while I am typing away.

  1. (YouTube) Lo-Fi Hip Hop Radio – Beats to Relax/Study

I stumbled upon the various 24/7 lo-fi YouTube videos at the beginning of college and they quickly turned into an integral part of my daily study routine. Featuring low-quality and relaxing beats, this station plays continuously and does a fantastic job at eliminating all outside noise expect my thoughts. There are multiple stations to choose from and are guaranteed to brighten any mood as easy as it is to turn up the brightness of a computer screen.

  1. Accidental Tech Podcast

This podcast is created by three developers who are skilled in all IT areas, ranging from programming languages to industry news. The tech jokes, product reviews, and discussions about evolving best practices in the tech world are sure to immerse you in a highly advanced and humorous realm as you answer those annoying emails.

  1. Serial Podcast

 This has to be one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. From the creators of This American Life and S-Town, both which I love, Serial takes you on true crime adventure, featuring a weekly episode of events ranging from the Bowe Bergdahl case to a look inside our nation’s court system. I was hooked after one episode.

  1. Audio Books-

Instead of listing them individually, I figured I would just share a collection of my favorite audiobooks, all which are free using Castbox. Each selection involves futuristic technology and superb writing.

The Phoenix Conspiracy

The Leviathan Chronicles

Star Trek: The Section 31 Files

Star Trek: The Lost Frontier

The ‘A Princess of Mars” collection.

  1. Various Music

Music is a crucial part of my life at home and work is no different; however, the genre of my choice changes. At work or while studying, I find a mix of ambient soundtracks, EDM, and classical music is a perfect match for my mood and activities. Music is effective in raising efficiency in repetitive work, as well as enhance your ability to process stressful and complicated problems. So, considering this, easy listening music without vocals allows you to concentrate on only one voice at a time, the one inside your head.

Hopefully, you will find these podcasts, audiobooks, and music selections as useful and enjoyable as I did. After all, enjoying life as you work is just as important as actually knowing how to do the work. Thanks for reading.

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