Google’s ‘Trick-or-Treat: The Great Ghoul Duel’


Happy Halloween! The largest search engine in the world, Google, has introduced its first multiplayer version of Google Doodle. Trick-or-Treat: The Great Ghoul Duel, powered by Google Cloud, allows players from all over the world team up to see who can obtain the most wandering spirit flames before the moon goes away.

In two teams of four players, users will play on multiple maps, collecting spirits within the allotted two minutes, and finally, return them to their respective base. There is even a PVP aspect in the game where opponents can intercept other players returning their spirits. Per Google, there are various powerups and powers one can achieve when they collect the most spirit flames, including night vision and speed boosts.

I found that while you can use either the keyboard or mouse, the keyboard is much more effective. The strat that has been most rewarding for me is to just hover around the enemy base and steal the opposing team’s spirits. Also, pay attention to when you can earn a powerup and use it as fast as possible as the games are pretty short.

To play this game, simply navigate to Google’s Website, and select whether you wish to host a game via invitation (play with friends/family) or enter a randomized team. This game is an excellent testament to the capabilities of Google Cloud and is guaranteed to put some extra spookiness into your Halloween (or just kill some time at work). The game is as fun as it is cute; give it a try! Enjoy!


Google. 31 Oct 2018. Halloween 2018. Retrieved from

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