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Tech Charities and Organizations- Healing the World with Technology


Many large companies such as Google and Apple are currently investing in tech charities and other organizations as a way to boost PR and help their own business by accessing their skilled members’ ideas and talents.

Girls Who Code

One of my favorite tech charities is Girls Who Code, an organization striving to close the gender gap in technology-related jobs. Empowering female high-schoolers with the resources and direction they need to pursue careers in tech, Girls Who Code is a charity that is very beneficial by opening up different interests to young women who are taught that jobs in tech are only intended for men. It is essential for women to learn about role models such as Margaret Hamilton, the NASA Software Engineer that helped us get to the Moon, as well as what they can do to achieve their own goals in life. Check out their website for more information.


There are also several other tech charities that are making progress in changing the world, and they need your help. Listed below are just a handful of these wonderful organizations.

Practical Action-

This charity inspires people to develop remarkable and efficient new ways to fight against poverty and despair. In areas such as Bangladesh, East Africa (Kenya and Rwanda), Latin America (Peru and Bolivia), South Asia (Nepal, India and Sri Lanka), Southern Africa (Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique), Sudan, and West Africa, Practical Action works to create sustainable energy, revolutionize disaster risk reduction, and provide clean food and water to those who are in need. Check out their website for more information.


Child’s Play

This charity focuses on bringing a little sunshine to kids in hospitals by providing them with access to tech. With a network of over 100 hospitals worldwide, Child’s Play sets up wish lists including books, video games, toys, and other fun tools for kids who are struggling with medical problems. By giving these kids access to technology at an early age, and when they need it the most, their lives can be dramatically changed. Check out their website for more information.



This organization gives those who may not have a voice, the tools to make real change in the world. Members can start and organize petitions, engage with organizations and decision makers to influence and defend their beliefs, and motivate the media to follow or support their cause. Over 234 million people use this website to help spread the word of different ways to facilitate real change and fix problems. Change.org is an excellent example of how to the power of technology can make a difference on a large scale. Check out their website for more information.


These charities and organizations, along with many others, are providing us with the tools needed to combat issues as well as brighten the future, all by using technology. With your help and financial support, the world of tomorrow does not have to be as dark as it is today. Thanks for reading!


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