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Tonal- Bringing Technology to Fitness


            As the gym and technology are two of my favorite things in life, a new and exciting product was just introduced that is aimed to revolutionize the way we work on our fitness, the Tonal machine. By combining technology with weight training, this device offers a total gym workout without leaving the house. When it comes to reasons why people do not go to the gym, there are many contributing factors. Whether it is due to having kids, the time it takes to get to and from the gym, or the steroid-induced screaming of some of the gym-regulars, working out at a gym can not be admirable for many. The Tonal machine, while advanced, is actually quite simple. By using a vertically wall-mounted TV Screen and attached rods and handles offering up to 200 pounds of resistance (using both hands), this machine provides an amazingly, fine-tuned workout. This machine eliminates heavy and hard to handle weights with an electromagnetic resistance engine.

Now, from the IT standpoint, this machine’s built-in exercise programs work harder and smarter than your typical opinionated and full of judgment trainer at the gym. Coaching apps available on your phone such as Sweat, are similar to Tonal’s program, however, is on a much larger screen. Tonal demonstrates what you need to do, how long you need to do it, and at which strength it should be done. The only thing it really doesn’t offer is tips on correcting your form; although, with helpful pictures and videos, this should be pretty self-explanatory. While an in-person trainer might be better when it comes to proper form, the Tonal machine offers eight different coaches who are real-life personal trainers.

Connecting to the Tonal’s attached arms, you can use bars or ropes to facilitate a wide variety of different exercises. Unlike at a real gym, if you start struggling with a certain weight, Tonal’s smart technology will lower the weight accordingly, sort of like a virtual spotter. While all this sounds great, it does cost quite a bit, coming in at $2,999; it is definitely an investment. However, if you think your physical fitness isn’t one of the most important investments there is, you are sadly mistaken. For more information check out Tonal’s website listed below. Thanks for reading and start clocking in those gains!


Image by https://tonal.co

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