Group Theory

The 3 Elements of Credibility- Speeches


         Competence, trustworthiness, and dynamism are the three elements of credibility. Competence involves being well versed in your topic; having a vast amount of knowledge on a subject as well as using credible sources is always necessary. Trustworthiness’s credibility refers to how honest the speaker is as well as how believable they are. The credibility of dynamism depends on how energetic the speaker is.

Initial credibility, derived credibility, and terminal credibility are the 3 stages of credibility. Initial credibility depends on how credible they think the speaker is. Derived credibility is the perceived credibility formed during the actual speech and the audience’s final thoughts on the speaker’s credibility after the speech is given is called terminal credibility.

There are several things a speaker can do to improve their perceived credibility. The information used in the speech is just as important as the body language used, tone of voice, as well as how one dresses. Establishing common ground with the audience is always recommended as it creates a relatable relationship between them and the speaker. The level of energy a speaker gives also helps boost credibility. Providing an overview of the content, you will be discussing creates a trustworthy bond when you do exactly what you said you would do. This is particularly important in the conclusion; summarizing all of the main ideas of your paper and providing the audience with a recap of what was said is very helpful. By using this information, one can create and perform a more credible speech.

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