Group Theory

Presenting an IT Speech


                When presenting a speech to an audience of professional colleagues in the information technology field, a great tool to use to ensure a successful speech is to describe the audience using a demographic and psychological audience analysis. A demographic audience analysis consists of answering the following questions. Who is your audience and what are their individual and group characteristics? Average age, race, and gender of the audience should be known to develop a convincing argument tailored specifically for those attending. For a psychological audience analysis, one must instead look at what the audience already knows, what they think about, and most importantly, what they believe in.

The audience for this speech will be professional colleagues in the information technology field. It would be safe to assume that the general age of the individuals attending the speech would be generally high as years of schooling and work experience are needed for an IT technician to reach the professional level. Depending on where this speech is presented, it would be a good idea to get an overall idea of the race and religious beliefs of the common person attending.

For the psychological audience analysis of our audience, one should find out what the common knowledge level is for the topic being discussed. Since the audience is professionals in the IT field, we can use terminology that will both make the speech powerful and straightforward. One should always make sure that the words used, body language, choice of clothing, as well as the tone of their voice, are carefully chosen by using a demographic audience analysis and a psychological audience analysis. As speeches can be quite stressful, I hope this information helps you crush your next one.

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