Google’s Titan Key

           After Google boasted that none of their large number of employees had their accounts hacked in 2017, many of us were wondering how they pulled it off. However, Google just announced that this was due to an early version of a new security key that they were testing, the Titan Security Key. By implementing multi-factor authentication, Google is able to provide unmatched security for both USB and Bluetooth devices. The best part of this is the price, a mere $50 for both versions as well as the option to buy them individually. One of the main advantages of this key is its defense against phishing.
As I stated in an earlier post, phishing is a quite common method of gaining unauthorized access to passwords, thus accessing sensitive information which is often damaging. The most notable phishing attack as of late was when Russian hackers infiltrated the Democratic National Committee. Google’s Titan key will work in the same manner as other current keys on the market and are tested and verified. While one can initiate two-factor authentication such as a text message on their Gmail account, for example, this does not always deter unwanted attacks. By using this key, the hacker would need to know your personal Titan Key info, which would be very difficult to crack. In the word of IT security, this new addition to our security tools is much anticipated. 

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