Group Theory

The Ideal Leader

My ideal leader is my father. Through thick and thin he has always been there to motivate me and steer me in the right direction. He is a great hero to me, coming from nothing and through hard work and determination, he became the man he is today. After getting a football scholarship at Notre Dame, he went on to become a transportation Captain in the United States Air Force. After serving in Desert Storm, he finished his enlistment with honor. After the military he worked and went back to school, gaining his Master’s Degree. After many years of moving our family all over the world with multiple promotions, he now is now in control of the entire Midwest’s Isuzu truck sales. Through all of those hardships, he always excelled at his role of being an amazing Father, and although I tested him often with my wild antics, he still was able to handle it. His strength gives me strength, and I think about what he would do in any given situation daily. His teachings will always drive me to become better than I am and I am truly honored to have him as a teacher and leader.
My father used various methods of problem-solving and decision-making techniques to promote effective communication with me and those that he leads. One of the most important skills he possessed as a leader was his unrelenting patience. I was a somewhat chaotic child and was quite stubborn when being taught a lesson. Patience is vital in every leadership position. Another excellent quality my father had was being able to view how the individual he was teaching learned. Knowing when a hands-on approach or just an informative lesson should be applied to a situation is crucial.  A leader’s speaking voice and body language are also highly effective when used correctly. A soft tone of voice, relaxed stance, and hand position when speaking can go a long way. People should always respect, not fear their chosen leader. All of these positive traits provide the right combination to empower an individual in a leadership position.
            There can be many different types of leaders in our society. The act of leading isn’t entirely a hard thing to do, however, your strength and effectiveness as one depends on how you lead.  One of the most widely known and most common examples of leaders in our society are political figures. The President of the United States holds great power, and due to this, they can lead us into a brighter or darker future. Not all leaders hold political power though. Musicians, actors, and athletes can also provide great leadership through their influences on media and their work. Many of these famous individuals use this power by leading by example. Donating to charities, promoting healthy eating habits and exercise, or just being an overall good person are all attributes that the masses can witness and follow. It is imperative to know the influence we have over people when we hold leadership roles for the wrong action can be copied by many who believe what we do is correct.

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