Group Theory

Advantages of Working in a Group

            Working in a group can offer many advantages over working alone on any given type of situation.  One of the main benefits of group work is the ability to share ideas with your peers. Individuals in your team can all offer a unique perspective on the problem at hand or have a completely different way of approaching the same idea than you. Proper communication is vital in a group setting when working on a project. Each individual should have the chance to be heard and taken seriously. Respect must also always be maintained. When assembling your team, it is important to select individuals from different backgrounds and nationalities, as well as mixing males and females, to create an environment where new and unique ideas will flow. Also when using a group, you can get work done much faster than working on your own. When each team member gets adequately assigned an individual task, you can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time.
            Another excellent aspect of working in a group is accountability. When group dynamics are appropriately utilized, it will be easy to see every person’s individual strengths and weaknesses; once this is accomplished, jobs can be assigned to those who excel at that particular task; saving time and creating better results. Working in a team also improves the relationships of the members. When working together, individuals can adapt to each other’s workstyles as well as create great friendships. This increases morale, job performance, and decrease everyday stress. Bonds can also be made, as working on a difficult task and completing it can bring people together. This can lead to team members hanging out outside of the group, and long-lasting relationships can be created. Although it is not necessary for team members to like one another and get along, it is quite more manageable if a friendly and safe atmosphere is created.      
I find that although I consider myself quiet and shy in a group setting, I get excited when I see an opportunity for me to have a leadership role. I work best leading people and find it quite difficult to take orders, although I never have problems completing them. I also noticed that I lack confidence and sometimes will make up for that in trying to force myself into a problem when I feel I am not helping much. Patience is another thing I excel at and feel as if that will be much needed in a group project as I often end up doing most of the work on a lot of group assignments; that can be very annoying and stressful. Working on a group project on an online class is even more daunting, however, with proper motivation and leadership, I feel as if my team can accomplish the goals of this project promptly. 

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