Rogue Access Points



A rogue access point is defined as a wireless access point that has been installed on a private company’s network without proper authorization. These rogue access points can create quite the massive headache unless defended against by using the following tips. The network’s policy is the first area that needs attention; a no-exceptions policy against the unauthorized use of wireless LANs must be established, and an amnesty program that allows employees to disclose any self-installed AP’s to the IT department should be encouraged to further reduce these risks.
How your company’s IT department discovers rogue access points are critical as well. Sniffing tools can be used to physically survey the various facilities for wireless LAN signals and determine which ones are rogue. These LAN signals can even be coming from loading docks, truck terminals, and smaller areas that can go unnoticed. Constant maintenance of these areas mentioned is the last step that can strengthen your defense against rogue access points. An IT department must continuously teach the other employees about safe internet usage and inspect the company for rogue access points without rest.
With the increase of popularity of cellular phones that can act as Wi-Fi  access points as well, these previously mentioned defense tips for protecting against rogue access points can be used as also will need new forms of protection, such as controlling the use of Wi-Fi access points and even inspecting employee’s cell phones if a higher level of security is desired.
“How to Defend Against Rogue Access Points.” Bob, Brewin. Computer Word. Web. 15 July 2002. 21 March 2017.

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