Adware *Scary Noises*



            Adware can be a very touchy subject. While it can be advantageous to see advertisements for things you are interested in while you are browsing online, for example, it is also very troublesome how they know so much about you. Before understanding what adware really was, I was quite shocked when I noticed that my internet browser was showing me items that I was looking at on the previous day. Is it wrong that adware sees your internet history? Or is this just a way for your computer to better understand you? The answer is hard to say, however, in my opinion, adware and technologies like it, have too much power and should not be so widely used.
            Facebook gets bad press all the time regarding how much information they have and store about a user, with or without their consent. I do not believe it is right for a credit card company, for example, to be able to track your spending habits by checking your Facebook posts. Big brother is always watching, and unless we know how and why they are obtaining and keeping all this information on us, we are in a fragile and challenging position. If Facebook wanted to, they could get your current and past locations, valuable information such as birth-dates, religious preferences, and addresses. Facebook and other companies who use adware are a government’s dream. Being able to see what a user is doing, what they have been doing, and what they are going to do at all times sure makes police work more manageable.
            However, there is always an opposing viewpoint on any topic such as this. Adware can help fight the war against terrorism by notifying the government to suspect internet practices or purchases. Also, adware can help us see what our kids are doing on the internet and also makes browsing the internet easier by guessing what we want to search by just the first letter we type. Regardless of your view on the use of adware, I think it is safe to say that we should at least know who is doing it, what they are collecting, and what they are going to use the information for.

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