Overview of Promapp- Business Process Manager Service



Promapp is a business process software that can help a company navigate and manage business processes, empower quality assurance, as well as improve risk management. It provides an online process mapping tool to help view and manage business data. Promapp also uses a central Cloud-based process repository for aiding businesses in a variety of helpful Cloud tools. By developing and supporting new and more secure ways of doing business, Promapp can help any company, regardless of size, achieve greater heights. One of the greatest attributes of Promapp is its risk management features. In any business, risks are unavoidable, however, by using a program such as Promapp, a business can receive regular and professional auditing as well as enhanced process control.
Company compliance is another area that is crucial to address for a business, especially when dealing with Service Level Agreements (SLA). Promapp takes care of these compliances and regulations by managing them in a secure and easy to comprehend tool. By using Promapp, customers can enjoy increased efficiency and productivity. By performing better execution of current business methods, there will be significantly less time spend on process breakdowns and training; time can be used where it is needed most. Customer service, an essential aspect of any business, can be improved as well. By using Promapp’s always up to date and simple to understand methods, process execution can be improved as well as a more consistent level of service delivery. When this occurs, customers receive faster service to even complicated problems. Thanks to the reduced errors and workload that using Promapp will offer a company, staff can have more time to create and update their own methods of solving processes, as well as sharing them with others. This enhanced communication is key to any organization’s prosperity.
 Per Promapp’s website, they claim to have an average 50% reduction in customer companies and a 21% reduction in customer churn. Also, they claim to be able to give a 30% reduction in audit time and a staggering 90% reduction in billing errors (Promapp, 2017). While Promapp offers many advantages to a company, it has its downfalls as well. There is regrettably a large number of notifications that occur as well as issues with delays during process approvals. Some Promapp customers also report that the program can be difficult to navigate for beginners. While they do offer a video tutorial, it can still be quite complicated. Another drawback is the fact that you cannot edit in the map view. This reduces the clarity of the process and makes it difficult to see the bigger picture. While the dashboard is highly functional and useful there is no way to print it. This problem is made worse by the inability to reuse (copy and paste) individual activities; this creates more work than is needed. There is also an issue with allocating activities to roles.
Overall, Promapp is a beneficial tool which allows customers to quickly develop process maps which are simple to understand and use. By providing a large amount of policy information as well as the forms that are required, Promapp can reduce the workload and increase the productivity of an organization. While Cloud computing can be quite daunting to many, Promapp offers helpful tools which can show an easy to understand dashboard of what is currently happening in the network. Customer service requests and forms can be less tedious as well as quicker to solve. No matter what kind of company you have or are in, Promapp can offer a wide variety of tools to boost productivity, security, and transparency. Despite its many flaws, Promapp’s support team is excellent and available 24/7 for help. Promapp is highly recommended by the majority of those who use it and is diffidently worth giving it a chance by using the free trial they offer.
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