Cloud Computing Benefits for Help Desks



                With Cloud services, a help desk can provide many new services as well as further advance existing ones. Communication and updating would be one area that will receive many new changes. With the Cloud, all communication can be managed in one place, instead of having to call or physically go to multiple people or vendors for issues. When help requests are initiated, automatic receipts can be sent out as soon as the ticket is both received and completed. By using Cloud services, the help desk would have access to the broad knowledge base of self-directed help. This will make regular daily tasks more manageable as well as make complicated tasks less challenging to solve. With Cloud computing, the automation and customization of help desk activities will be extended. Requests and tickets can be auto-assigned and even put into an order based on difficulty or time to complete.
As emails are generally the most widely used mediums to contact help desks, by using cloud services, these emails can be automatically converted to easy to manage tickets. Auto-escalation of these tickets is another helpful area. With any Cloud-based application, customization is crucial in creating a high performing system. Forms and templates used at the help desk can be customized, as well as pretty much everything else you can imagine. Only through customization can any system or network be genuinely ideal for each specific situation. Creating unlimited user-defined fields is one of these examples of how customization will affect the help desk. Attachments are key in deciding what an issue is, how to solve it, and how long it will take when working on tickets, and Cloud computing will make receiving these tickets with attachments easier, faster, and safer. Another important area to mention is the ability to track and report items that arrive at the help desk. It is essential to be able to see everything that is going on at a glance. SLAs will also be used and can advance accountability for all operations.
Cloud computing will make it simpler to view unassigned, escalated, and open tickets, as well as set alerts and notifications. By using Cloud computing, help desks can be a streamlined process of quick ticket resolutions and high accountability. To expedite tickets, it is important to know the date and time of the incident, what device and OS was being used, who or what was using it, what happened before the event, what happened as the incident occurred, what happened after it occurred, and how long the customer can wait until they need their device or program running optimally again. With the help of Cloud computing, help desk staff can be reduced as long as proper settings and customization of the Cloud are performed. If additional employees are needed, they could even work remotely, eliminating the need for hourly employees on-premise.
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