First Day of Administration of Data Storage Course


Hello all, my name is William Donaldson, and this is my first day in the Administration of Data Storage course. I am a 29-year old Air Force veteran currently enrolled in my final semester at Bellevue University, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. In the Air Force, I served as a Munitions Technician, where I had the honor of constructing, maintaining, and transporting munitions (missiles, bombs, ammunition) to and from the flight line. In the Air Force, I served in South Korea, Texas, and Virginia. I have been passionate about technology since I could remember. From a young age, I was already taking things apart and (attempting) to put them back together.
I am a huge nerd, whether it involves building custom PC’s or playing video games. I seem to customize anything I can regarding any technology that I own, and also love to modify cars. I have learned quite a lot about data storage in my previous classes, however still have a long way to go before I feel like I have mastered it. Data can be stored in many ways, whether it be on physical drives or even in the Cloud. Data can also be stored in a variety of manners such as in RAM, where it is classified as volatile, and in hard disks, where it is classified as non-volatile, as the data is kept even when the power is off. With any data storage, fault tolerance is vital. By using RAID and things such as UPS’s, one can increase uptime and reliability and decrease the chance of failure and downtime. I look forward to learning more about data storage in this course and can’t wait to graduate; I only have 2 more classes to go! Thank you for your time!


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