Summary of Cloud Computing Course


As this is the last week of class, I will look back at my postings and discuss the nature of what I chose to write about, where I got the information, and more importantly, if I have decided that this assignment has been beneficial. I have written about a wide variety of topics involving Cloud computing such as its definition, its different models, implementation, things to avoid, public and private Clouds, governance, tips for migration, favorite vendors, and the ITIL. By discussing many areas of Cloud computing, I feel I learned a lot about how Cloud computing operates, how it is used, and how it is going to change the world. Cloud computing is a rising star in the tech world and pretty soon, not using Cloud technology will be as common as not having a basic Internet connection. For this reason, it is crucial for any IT professional to be well versed in Cloud computing.
I have used different sources for every blog post, all from the Internet. I feel that the Internet offers a constant supply of new material to use, something that only using the course textbook cannot handle. I have tried to use the most current sources that were available, as technology changes and grows every day. I feel that this blog assignment really helped me fully understand the world of Cloud computing, as well as be able to talk about it to others easily. Having confidence in one’s abilities is just as important as having the abilities themselves. Thanks for writing this blog, I feel that I will be a step ahead of my competition when I start my IT career soon. I only have 2 classes left until graduation, so I am incredibly excited to apply my knowledge to my future career. Thank you all for following with me on this journey to Cloud enlightenment, and I hope you continue to read my future posts as well.


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