Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)



The ITIL is created to standardize the selection, preparation, distribution, and provisions of IT services to a business with the goal to improve performance and efficiency. ITIL contains practices, tasks, checklists, and procedures, which outline the role of IT management. Some of the various disciplines covered in ITIL are service support and delivery, ICT infrastructure management, business perspectives, security management, application management, software asset management, and planning to implement service management. Each of these disciplines was covered in 8 books in 2000/2001, with an additional book, Small-Scale Implementation, which was released in 2007.

The most current version of is ITIL 2011, which includes a series of 5 core volumes. Many companies adopt or use the teachings and practices involved in the ITIL as it provides many useful ways to demonstrate compliance and measure improvement. The ITIL is the most widely accepted method to IT service management in the world, so it is safe to say that learning what it is and more importantly how to use it, is crucial in an IT career.


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