Amazon Cloud Products



Amazon, a well-known organization which provides many technologies and services, offers a highly sophisticated and advanced Cloud service. Some of its various products include applications dealing with computing, storage, developer and management tools, networking, databases, and security services. Amazon describes their Cloud services as being able to boost productivity, lower IT costs, as well as increase flexibility and scalability. In cloud computing, Amazon offers their virtual servers, Amazon EC2, and Amazon Lightsail, which launches and manages virtual private servers. Additionally, Amazon VPS deals with isolated Cloud resources. By using AWS Elastic Beanstalk, starting and managing web apps has never been easier. Amazon also offers highly advanced Cloud storage methods such as Amazon S3, which is scalable storage and Amazon Glacier, low-cost archive storage. When regarding Cloud databases, Amazon Aurora is a high performance managed relational database. Amazon RDS manages relational databases for MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, as well as MariaDB.

Gaming, my favorite subject involving computing, is an area that Amazon focuses on greatly. Amazon GameLift is a managed service used for deploying, operating, and scaling dedicated game servers. This service is primarily intended for session-based multiplayer games. With this service, server infrastructure can scale on-demand and can quickly match players with available game sessions. One of the best features of this service is the ability to pay for only what bandwidth or resources one uses; not on a monthly or annually basis. To sum it all up, Amazon does indeed offer a wide variety of services that make it an ideal choice for a Cloud provider. Is it right for you? Do some research! Below is a link to Amazon’s main Cloud services website. Enjoy!


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