What Is The Best Internet Provider For Gaming?


One of the most significant areas that need attention when optimizing your computer for use in online gaming is the speed, reliability, and availability of your Internet provider. Current technology allows us to get a relatively fast connection no matter what company we use; however, there are specific strengths and weaknesses for each of the individual ISPs. Thanks to, a comprehensive list of all the available ISPs and their rankings are provided to help.  Regarding quality in the U.S., Time Warner Cable is at the top of Cox’s list. Mid-continent reigns supreme with its speed, followed by Verizon FiOS. PCMag’s article also ranks the best ISPs per region.

Since I currently live in Omaha, NE, I fall into the North Central region, and the best quality from an ISP that is available to me is Century Link. I am currently using COX’s Premiere Internet package and have no complaints; however, I am looking to upgrade it soon when my PC is built, so this information is quite useful. When it comes to your ISP, proper research should be done to tailor your needs to precisely what you want, and remember that not everything is always available in your area. Find a company with a great history of reliability and customer service, as well as research all the Internet speeds they offer. With the proper homework done, you should have all the internet power one could require and should be well on your way to blowing up some zombies with your friends. Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!

Feel free to read more about this topic by clicking the below link. (PCMag also offers a handy speed test in the article.),2817,2496100,00.asp

“The Best Gaming ISPs of 2016”. Eric Griffith. PC Mag. Web. 07 Dec 2015. 01 May 2017.






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