Tips for Building a Business Cloud Infrastructure


            When building cloud infrastructure for a business, numerous essential requirements must be addressed. Heterogeneous systems support is the first area that needs attention as a cloud should support a data center’s existing infrastructure, including its integration with the existing IT network. Next, a cloud’s service management is crucial to its functionality. Service offerings such as metering rules and billing cycles should be offered whether the cloud is public or private. Resource management is the next tip for a cloud to be genuinely on-demand and aware of the resources it is using. Another important tip is to ensure that your cloud is reliable and has a high level of security.

Services offered must be able to only provide access to authorized users and always stay up-to-date on security software. A cloud must also be fully integrated with data center management tools as well. These tools can be used for handling customer care and systems management. A cloud also needs to have high visibility and error reporting to ensure peak operating conditions. Finally, end-user and administrator/developer interfaces are other areas that need attention. These interfaces must provide a single view into all of the virtual resources and all of the multiple cloud users. By following these steps, you should be well on your way to creating a fast and reliable cloud network in your company. Good luck!

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