How to Improve a Wi-Fi Network at Home


Setting up a Wi-Fi connection at home can be a relatively painless experience as the technology, and the general knowledge of most people working with these networks has improved. However, there are multiple things one can do to increase the performance and security of their Wi-Fi.

First, a simple upgrade of their router is an excellent start as more advanced equipment comes out every year. A new router can have security, range, and speed benefits. Make sure you place the router in an area that gives max coverage of your house. A router in the basement, for example, might cause connectivity problems. If your router allows it, one can also upgrade the antenna to increase the area of Wi-Fi connectivity in your house.

Frequent upgrades to your network’s security are crucial to maintaining a safe and high performing Wi-Fi network. Upgrading your router’s firmware is a great start; they are installed on the router themselves and require constant updates from their manufacture. Next, there are several things you can do to boost security by using your computer or device. Fine-tuning the default administrator settings such as username and password ensures that only authorized people can make administrative changes. Using up-to-date firewalls and security systems, as well as turning off the network for extended periods, can also decrease your likelihood of someone hacking into your system. With these simple actions, your network can be, and remain, at peak performing conditions and always ready for your next Netflix binge.

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