Realistic Use of Homomorphic Encryption Cloud Security

Given the information in these articles, provide your opinion on the realistic use of homomorphic encryption in cloud security. Is it ready for use? If not, why not? If so, why isn’t it already being used?  What other forms of encryption are in use to protect data in cloud storage?

Homomorphic encryption can be quite useful in cloud computing as the easy access of stored data is just as important as securing it. Homomorphic encryption, defined as a form of encryption that utilizes calculations on encrypted data to read it without decryption, can potentially have a magnitude of possible uses in modern times. I, for one, suffer through the constant struggle of securing customer data in my organization while still giving our customer service representatives enough access to it to satisfy our business operations.

While homomorphic encryption seems like a match made in heaven for much of the work that I do, the sheer computing power required to perform its encryption/decryption calculations renders the process out of reach. I do, however, believe that in the near future, we will have computers powerful enough to make homomorphic encryption possible (or at least I finally obtain additional funding at work for some workstation upgrades); in fact, cloud computing can speed up this process. In the current COVID-19 era, cyberattacks are running rampant as employees are either working from home or their IT and security teams are downsized due to a decline in sales. In the constant battle between the forces of digital evil, we certainly need additional help in protecting our data, as well as being able to access it quickly.

There are several other forms of cloud encryption, including symmetric and asymmetric algorithms, encryption keys (customer supplied/managed), AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), and native web-browser methods such as HTTPS and TLS. While the abovementioned methods certainly help protect our data, there is a clear gap in the uses of current encryption models; maybe this is where homomorphic encryption will find itself a home. Currently, I could see homomorphic encryption’s abilities being utilized in several departments at my organization, so I can’t wait for the dream of simple encryption/decryption to become a reality.


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