Example Imaging Worksheet


Laboratory Case #: 123  Submittal #: 1Item #: 1Examiner: William Donaldson

Computer Information:

Make: HP  Model: Pro 3400 XZ939UT Desktop PCSerial #: 581-23912-092Case Style:  Desktop  Tower  Laptop
BIOS Make: HP  BIOS Version: 2.6BIOS Serial #: F127845BIOS Password:  Enabled      Disabled
Actual Date:  6/9/2020CMOS Date: 8/10/2010Actual Time: 0700 AMCMOS Time: 0700 AM
Boot Sequence: (First/Second/Third): First   

Hard Drive Information:

Hdd #: 1Make: SeekMaxModel: SM001456Serial #: SM360LM-002Z
Type:           IDE        SCSI (ID #:       )IDE Channel:        Primary   Secondary                               Master    Slave          CS
Mfr’s C / H / S: 16 MB Cache/NA/NAMfr’s LBA (Total Sectors): N/AMfr’s Drive Capacity: 250 GB(Power)   Jumper Setting:

Encase Information:

Access: N/ASectors: N/A 
Size: N/AC/H/S: N/A 
B.I.CodeTypeSectorsSizeLP LabelSystemFreeSize

Drive Size Verification: (If needed)

ModeCylindersHeadsSectorsTotalDrive SizeSector Size

Forensic Programs Used:

Encase                 v.N/A7         N/A                          v.N/AN/AN/AN/A

Acquire Information:

Dest. Drive #: 2Number of Image Files Created: 582911Total Elapsed Time:1:56:02

(Note: Use form NSPCCU-4 (Lab Notes) for all note taking)                                                                                                Date: 6/09/2020


                            Fixed Drives: 
#TypeIDE ControllerNotes
1 IDE     SATA Primary   Secondary Master   Slave   CSSeekMax SM001456
2 IDE     SATA Primary   Secondary Master   Slave   CSUSB Thumb Drive: SanDisk 16GB
3 IDE     SATA Primary   Secondary Master   Slave   CSSDHC Card: 8 GB Fast Flash
4 IDE     SATA Primary   Secondary Master   Slave   CSN/A

Removable Drives: (Check appropriate information)

 TypeSizeBus Type
Floppy 1  Internal     External  3.5”       5.25”N/A
Floppy 2  Internal     External  3.5”       5.25”N/A
CD-ROM  Internal     ExternalN/A  IDE       SCSI
CD-R  Internal     ExternalN/A  IDE       SCSI
DVD  Internal     ExternalN/A  IDE       SCSI
DVD-R  Internal     ExternalN/A  IDE       SCSI
Zip  Internal     External  100 Mb       250 Mb  IDE     SCSI   Parallel
Jaz  Internal     External  1 Gb       2 Gb  IDE     SCSI   Parallel
LS-120  Internal     External  120 Mb  IDE     SCSI   Parallel
Tape Drive  Internal     ExternalN/A  IDE       SCSI
Drive Make: N/ADrive Model: N/ADrive Size: N/A

Ports/Interfaces: (Check appropriate information)

 Bus Type (Check) Bus Type (Check)
Video Card ISA    PCI    AGP    On BoardGame Port SoundCard    ISA   PCI
Sound Card ISA    PCI    On BoardUSB PCI      On Board
SCSI Card ISA   PCI   On Board   PCMCIASerial 9 pin      25 pin
NIC 1 ISA   PCI   On Board   PCMCIAFirewire/IEEE1394PCI  On Board  PCMCIA
NIC 2 ISA   PCI   On Board   PCMCIA N/A
Modem 1 ISA   PCI   On Board   PCMCIA N/A
Modem 2 ISA   PCI   On Board   PCMCIA N/A
LPT ISA   PCI   On Board N/A

Date: 6/09/2020

Categories: Security

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