Group Theory

Benefits/Problems with Promotions

Why should organizations want to promote employees?  What are the benefits and potential problems with it?

Promoting current employees offers several benefits from merely looking for external applicants. By exploring possible promotions from within, employees gain the belief that their hard work will not go unnoticed, thus allowing them to earn advanced positions with greater responsibilities and pay; this action boosts morale and helps the company administer and motivate training. By promoting an individual who is skilled in their profession, the organization can enjoy the employee’s further increase to company profit, performance, and overall job satisfaction. Regarding if a supervisor should promote internally or externally, they should always look within first for possible candidates, as it can be quite insulting to hire an individual outside of the company when there may be skilled staff who are already experienced in the organization’s business practices and perform above expectations.

While there are many benefits of promotions, the downsides to the action are numerous as well. First, determining who can and should receive the promotion is vital to the success of both their previous and new position. When promoting an individual, their old position must be filled with someone equally as skilled; in many cases, the member being promoted might have to train this new individual. Second, promoting the wrong person can have disastrous consequences, especially when the individual isn’t skilled or experienced enough for the increase in responsibilities, or if that promotion overlooked a candidate who has, for example, more education, experience, and time-served at the company.

With such a high-turnaround at many organizations today, holding onto skilled professionals can be quite problematic. I, for one, start to seek out new, higher-paying jobs every two years; however, if my current position has present, transparent structures/procedures for gaining promotions, I would much rather stay and work my way up the food chain.


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