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Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity: The Journey Begins


Well, it is official. I will be taking my first two classes at the end of the month for my master’s degree in cybersecurity. I was going to wait to get more experience under my belt first before going back to school, but honestly, cybersecurity is the path that I need to immediately follow.

I have been weighing my options at different schools for a few weeks now and ended up choosing to use Bellevue University again for several reasons. During my bachelor’s degree, Bellevue’s veteran organization helped me with every step, from answering my many random questions to using my G.I. Bill. Also, Bellevue’s cybersecurity curriculum is filled with interesting and current technologies and practices. Several other schools failed to offer ethical hacking and project management, two areas of IT that interest me greatly.

Here are the first two classes I am taking.

  • Information Security Management
  • Physical, Operational & Personnel Security

I do hope that my past military experience can aid me in my future cybersecurity career. While I didn’t work in tech during my enlistment, I learned many valuable lessons about information protection, intrusion prevention, and cyberwarfare. While my security clearance is now expired, I have heard that it is easier to get a new one if you have already had one before, giving me an advantage over civilians; however, don’t quote me on that (I could be wrong).

Here is the rest of the curriculum.

  • Security Architecture & Design
  • Risk Management Studies
  • Human Aspects of Cybersecurity
  • Computer Forensics
  • Cybersecurity Governance and Compliance
  • Ethical Hacking & Response
  • Current Trends in Cybersecurity


  • Cloud Computing
  • Information Technology Project Management
  • Cyber Warfare & Deterrence

I had several options for electives, leading me to deliberate for a few hours on which among them would be the best choice. Cloud computing was an easy decision, as the world of IT is now barreling towards the cloud in every aspect. IT project management is something I thoroughly enjoy and can open me up for supervisory/upper management positions in the future; however, I might swap out the class for advanced cybersecurity testing if I find I receive enough project management training in my core classes. I don’t want to take anything that is going to be repetitive or redundant. I only picked cyber warfare & deterrence because it sounded cool (just kidding). In all honesty, during my time in South Korea, I was fascinated by the use of digital propaganda and brainwashing that North Korea utilized both in the past and present time. As the world continues on its path to technological supremacy, the battlefield of the future will be fought on a keyboard; I want to be ready for it.

Hopefully, I will be up to the new challenges this degree will create, including finding time to study with the addition of a baby to our family. One thing I know for sure is I will learn from my mistakes I made during my bachelor’s degree; the most significant being getting certifications during the process (while the information is still fresh in my mind), opposed to putting it off until after I graduate.

As I did with my bachelor’s degree, I will share everything I learn with this blog, further cementing the knowledge into my head and saving it all for future use.

Wish me luck; I am sure I will need it.

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