Review: Logitech C920s Pro HD Webcam


Recently, I have been researching webcams to use at the office to help facilitate video conferences and Virtual Office meetings with 8×8. After a few days of reading product reviews, comparing pricing, and getting the budget approved, I finally settled on the Logitech C920s Pro HD Webcam. Before I order any others, I figured I would review the first one we received this morning.



Featuring a full HD glass lens surrounded by dual microphones that capture stereo sound, the C920 offers streamers and those in the workplace a cost-effective, yet powerful means of recording video, streaming or taking pictures. My older Logitech webcam at home is probably double the size of the C920 (not a good thing), thus making the 3.5” wide C920 an excellent choice for those who travel or could become annoyed by a large device obstructing vision on top of your monitor (me). Additionally, the C920 can be mounted to a tripod thanks to the built-in screw or placed on your desk with a simple rearrangement of the attached mount.


With all of the buzz on the internet about hacked webcams and due to the fact that using tape to cover up a webcam is not exactly attractive, the built-in privacy shutter on the C920 was a major selling point for me.

The C920 delivers full HD 1080p video calling over Skype, and 720p for Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and other video call services. The C920 also utilizes a 20-step auto-focus, H.264 compression, HD autofocus/light correction, and Carl Zeiss optics. For situations where your computer may be far away from the placement of the webcam, the C920’s USB cable is thankfully 5 ft.


Logitech Capture, the free downloadable app that makes the C920 truly come to life, provides a wide range of features, including multi-source recording (record from two webcams at once), vertical video capture (9:16 format for a portrait viewing experience optimized for mobile phones and social media posts), YouTube functionality, studio controls (add transitions, edit layout, and personalize your content), and an extensive list of camera customization settings.

By using Logitech Capture’s editing abilities, you can zoom, add and customize borders, apply filters, and work with many of the same tools many of us use on our phones while trying to make our Facebook/Instagram profile picture. In a professional setting, I am not sure how useful many of the Capture’s settings are, but for a game streamer, I can definitely see the possibilities.Capture


The first C920 arrived at work this morning and I was immediately taken back by how small the package was. The complete install of the hardware/software took me less than a few minutes and before long, I was able to stream HD video without complication. The camera itself merely uses a USB port in your computer, then by navigating to the website listed on the included install directions, you can download and install Capture. Depending on your security settings, the download can happen automatically. Once installed, there isn’t really anything else to do as far as the setup goes. If you wish to make changes to the resolution or video settings, Capture’s interface is quite easy to use.IMG_20191030_094808

My Thoughts

While the C920 does have some light correction abilities, I found that as long as you provide some decent light in the viewing area, the video quality will be excellent with vibrant colors and crisp details. The autofocus is actually pretty respectable; I walked around while recording and the device never failed to lock onto me.

In a darker environment, RightLight 2 compensates by adjusting brightness, color settings, and contrast according to the detected lighting condition. While there are definitely some better webcams out there that can offer greater low-light video (Logitech Brio), I felt that the C920 was more than up to the task as an office webcam.

The cameras work well, the app is great, however, the built/in mic leaves a theoretical bad taste in my mouth. Paired with amazing video capabilities, the microphone fails to deliver the same performance. In my opinion, the mic is about as good as the one on my laptop; horrible? No. Good? Not really. However, I am sure streamers will use external mics instead of relying on the C920’s, but for the workplace, we do not have that option at the moment (nor desire it).


In the future, I do not believe I will use this webcam for anything other than single offices. For what we need to do right now, the camera is completely fine for everyday video conferencing. For use in our conference rooms, I think I will opt for the Meeting Owl.

For more information about the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, check out their website here.

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