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My Past/Current Project Cars


Aside from my love of technology, I have been fascinated with cars, modifying them, and their culture since I was a child. So, due to the fact that I am suffering from a case of writer’s block today, I figured I would share some of my past projects and outline my current one, a 2016 Subaru WRX STI.

1977 Chevrolet C10

350 V8, lowered (bagged in front), Flowmaster 40 2.5″ full dual exhaust, Corvette white and blue-pearl paint, Corvette roll pan, Cobra GT tires, billet grille, carpet bed liner, Sylvania headlights, color-matched front bumper, shaved emblems, Dynamat sound deadening, Optima battery, high-power chrome alternator, Edelbrock Air Gap intake manifold and carburetor, full custom interior, AutoMeter gauges, GT steering wheel, long tube headers, B&M torque converter and ratchet shifter, Flex-Fan, K&N air filter, Alpine head unit, Polk Momo speakers/amp/two 10″ subs in a custom box.


1988 BMW 325i Convertible

2.5L inline-six, restored, Alpine head unit, Bavarian Autosport air intake/tune.


2004 Chevrolet Impala SS

Supercharged 3.8L V6, Flowmaster 40 dual exhaust, full LED lighting, LED Halo headlights, full window tint, JL Audio amp powering a 12″ 12w7, Alpine MRP-F300 4-channel amp powering Alpine Type-S speakers and Pioneer tweeters, sound deadening, Optima battery, painted rims/front grille/emblems, Toyo Versado tires, K&N air filter, high-temp. painted exhaust manifolds, NRG6 spark plugs, removed and polished throttle screen/body, rotated motor mounts, U-bend delete, WizAired Cold Air Intake, ZZPerformance PCM tune, 180* thermostat, 3.4″ supercharger pulley, Super Max spark plug wires.


2002 BMW 325xi

2.5L inline-six, Kicker audio, window tints, Sylvania headlights, air intake, rims.


2016 Subaru WRX STI

In past builds, I have primarily focused on adding power. However, I purchased the STI due to its stock performance capabilities; due to this, I figured I would leave the powertrain alone and opt for an extended warranty (at least until 80k miles when the warranty ends). While the STI is my current daily driver, I hope to eventually purchase an inexpensive car to drive to/from work and let the STI hibernate in my garage until my son is old enough to have it.

So, as I feel the need to modify/improve anything I own, I settled on a few modifications that will make the car my own, but not mess with the warranty.


K&N drop-in filter, STI short-throw shifter, extendable armrest, carbon fiber/red front and rear overlays, Riken Raptor ZR tires, full window tint, debadged (chrome emblems), 20% taillight tint, custom cup/door/center console liners, OBDII Bluetooth device & display w/ Torque Pro app mounted in center console.


To-Do List

LED Premium Xenon White Lights: All interior, trunk, license plate (ordered)

Black/Red Fender Emblem: Replaces the last chrome piece on the car.

New Exhaust Tips: Decided to not annoy my neighbors but would still like to alter the appearance of the stock system with either black or burnt tips).

Sound System: Stock head unit, upgraded front/rear speakers, possible enclosed subwoofer. (In past audio builds, I have opted for increasing volume/bass. In this build, I am merely trying to achieve sound quality. I will start with JL Audio front/rear speakers and tweeters, possibly powered through an additional JL Audio 4-channel amplifier; if that isn’t enough, I will add a small, enclosed subwoofer and finally replace the head unit, if I must, to achieve the sound I am looking for).

Sound Deadening: Need to install Dynamat panels in each door and trunk.

Black/Red Logo Mud Flaps: Still not sure I like the look of these, but due to their ability to keep the car clean and protect its paint, I might opt for them.

Front License Plate Kit: Either an adapter for the stock location or a plate relocator kit.

New Front/Rear Smoked Carbon Fiber License Plate Covers: Currently have the rear done, but will need a matching set once I add the front license plate mentioned above.

Black/Smoked Rain Guards: Love the look/functionality of the product. I will most likely go with the Subaru OEM option.

Fix Scuffed Rim: I have a scratch on one of my rims that needs fixing; I will probably just sand/paint it myself. In the future, I will use my stock rims for snow tires and purchase a new set for the summer.

Fix Paint Chips w/ Touch Up Paint: Already purchased. I have one small rock chip on the hood that needs fixing.

Clean, Ceramic Coat for Paint: Need to spend a day thoroughly cleaning and buffing the clear coat and apply a ceramic wax/coat.

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