Tile Sticker: Bluetooth Tracker

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In a past post, I reviewed the Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker and had nothing but praise for the product. Having used the Tile Pro for some time now, the possibilities of the device in a professional setting have begun to come to light. As an IT Manager, maintaining our IT inventory is a daily project; everything from knowing the exact location of a device to how many there are in a particular area of our building can be accomplished by attaching a Tile to it. For items such as laptops, which can be in many different locations every day, a Tile would allow me to always be able to find its location and prevent theft. However, the Tile Pro is quite large and must be connected on a keyring, rending its possibilities of protecting smaller devices or those without holes to attach the keyring, close to impossible.

The Larger Tile Pro


Thankfully, Tile has introduced a new product that can help safeguard pretty much any size device: The Tile Sticker. Available in a two-pack for $39.99 or four-pack for $59.99, the Tile Sticker is a small and waterproof tracker with a 150 ft. range and three-year battery. The device is adhesive and can stick to virtually anything, including laptops, bicycles, and anything else that can be stolen or misplaced. The Sticker measures 27mm in diameter and 7.3mm thick, making it the smallest Tile yet.

My only complaint upon hearing about the new product is the fact that the battery is built-in; when it runs out, the device is pretty much rendered useless. I have heard that the 3M adhesive used on the Sticker is quite strong and doesn’t leave any residue after removal, although I wonder how it will hold up to rigorous vibration or heat. Per Tile, if the Sticker is attached to a clean, flat surface, the bond should hold for three to five years.

I can see many methods to utilize the Tile Sticker in the workplace. For office use, you can keep track of what devices are currently located inside the building and those which get sent out on sales trips. Did Karen from accounting borrow your projector for a meeting, say she returned it, and then you can’t locate it? If you slapped on a Tile Sticker, you could quickly find that she mistakenly placed it in a maintenance closet.


For personal use, being able to monitor the location of anything you wish sounds very appealing. Does your area have a high number of bicycle thefts? The Tile Sticker might not prevent a bike from being stolen, but you could quickly find where it ends up so you can then retrieve it.

I was hoping the Tile Sticker would be significantly cheaper than its larger predecessors, or at least offered in bulk quantities, thus enabling them to be a cost-effective method for me to use as an IT inventory protection system. Still, at around $14.99 each for the four-pack, the device is inexpensive enough to warrant its necessity to protect a pricey computer, tool, or dare I say, your lunchbox.

I will get one of these ordered soon to perform a full review of the product. In the meantime, check out the Tile Sticker’s website for more information.

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