Updates to My Other Websites and Advertising/Marketing Tips


Hello all. In this post, I want to share some updates on my other websites, Simplicated Band and Exercise Your Demon, as well as a few methods for maintaining, advertising, and marketing in the online world. While I focus most of my attention on my tech blog, I try to keep my sister’s band’s info as current as possible. Exercise Your Demon, unfortunately, is often neglected, as I mainly built it for my wife to use once our newborn levels up to the sleep-all-night stage.

Simplicated Band

Recently, I made several visual changes to Simplicated’s website, including new featured content sliders, font variations, a simple-to-use contact form, and some work with how the website appears on a mobile device. I chose not to monetize the site yet with ads, as we can all agree they are horrible. In the future, I plan on building an e-commerce section, which will enable visitors to purchase Simplicated Band apparel and other branded items. More than likely, I will utilize one of my affiliate’s products, WooCommerce, to create and manage the online store.

The original website for Simplicated Band had several videos attached to the homepage; however, I quickly found that this significantly slowed the site’s loading speed. Now, most of the videos are only added to the Media page, where the bulk of the site’s images and content reside. As I have yet to initialize any form of paid-advertising in an attempt to gain more traffic, the site’s traffic is low but rather steady. In the past, I have used Google Ads for my tech blog but have had more success with Facebook’s advertisements, as they can be applied to a specific age-range, region, or based on the individual’s interests. Although, Facebook’s paid advertising was somewhat pricey (big surprise). For example, on one of my boosted posts, I reached 98,364 people and had 7,416 link clicks, for the cost of $90.25 over 88 days. The cost per link click was around $0.01. As I am not really trying to make any money with my tech blog yet, I found paid-advertising to be somewhat of a waste. For a local band, Facebook ads would be far superior as you can hone in on the specific statistics of the band’s fanbase.

How can one collect data for a band’s fanbase? There are several methods available, some more difficult than others, which can allow me to research who to advertise to before I choose to do so.

Google Analytics

To start, Google Analytics is probably the easiest method to obtain data regarding who is using a website and how often they do. Using Google’s analytics, I can view age, gender, time of use, interests (concerning the site), behavior, and what country a visitor is from.


Another one of my affiliates, Jetpack, offers a wide variety of useful tools for not only securing and managing a website but also allowing me to see my total visitors for the day/month/year. Furthermore, I can view what my users click on, what they search for, what link/website/social media platform they used to navigate to my site, as well as anything they download.

Good Old-Fashioned Detective Work

Before I think about paid-advertising for Simplicated Band, I plan on doing some non-tech research into the venues they play at, collecting data from their shows, and combing through their social media pages to find common interests, average ages, and general locations of their followers. For example, by just attending one of Simplicated’s shows, I can see in-person who is there, what they drink, how old they are, and what songs they seem to enjoy the most. I could also call these venues and ask how the sales were that night. Through social media, I can quickly gather the approximate income level of the fanbase, what they are interested in (what posts they react to), and their likelihood to purchase branded merchandise. Sound creepy? Welcome to the world of marketing.

Exercise Your Demon

The website, Exercise Your Demon has not been updated in quite some time; built originally as a fitness blog, I have since given it to my wife, Zoë, to use as an all-in-one place for her to express her creativity. The site’s design is lacking as I have yet to really devote any time to it. However, in the past few months, I have added Zoë’s Etsy page, CraftyZoCo, for her handmade soaps, as well as its Facebook page. While the site is begging me for some web dev love, you will notice I added many categories to be used for future posts, such as Fitness Lifestyle, Motivation, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Motherhood, Science, Spirituality, Love and Relationships, Cooking, Anthologies, Reviews, and Personal Development Coaching. Hopefully, once we finish moving into our first house in a few days, I can spend some hours redesigning the entire site, as well as posting a few articles regularly.

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