How to Fix the “Bottom Black Bar” Bug in Google Chrome


A common, reoccurring ticket in my workplace has been the weird black bar issue when using Google Chrome; while this issue is not constrained to Chrome alone, most of our employees use it as their primary web browser. In case you have been lucky enough to not come across the issue before, the image below shows exactly what I am talking about.

image (2).png

As you can see, the black bar extends across the bottom of the screen, using up valuable monitor real estate. The black bar also hides certain information that Chrome would display there, such as downloaded content.

How to Fix

There are several possible remedies for getting rid of the black bar issue in Google Chrome. I will briefly go over some of your options, starting with the easiest first.

  1. Full-Screen Mode

Before you move on to any of the others, try to get rid of the black bar by entering full-screen mode, and then exiting it; you can do this by tapping F11 twice.

  1. Incognito Mode

While not a fix necessarily, some users have reported that using Chrome’s Incognito Mode would remove the black bar at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Another method is to try to disable hardware acceleration by opening Chrome’s settings, scrolling down and clicking on Advanced, and then finally turn off “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available,” which is under the System category, a bit further down the page.

  1. Video Card Updates

Whenever there is a display problem of any kind, checking for updates to your video cards is always an excellent idea.

  1. Intel HD Graphics Adapter

Some users, who have an Intel Graphics Adapter, report that by right-clicking on the Intel HD Graphics icon, and then selecting Display, they can choose the full-screen option, and finally ensure that Override Applications Settings is checked; by doing this, the black screen in Chrome was removed.

  1. Update Chrome

Google Chrome receives updates often, so make sure your browser is up-to-date.

  1. Virus Scan/Chrome Cleanup Tool

If all else fails, run a virus/malware scan or use Google’s Chrome Cleanup Tool. The issue could be with a faulty or malicious Chrome extension, among many other more dangerous possibilities.

  1. Create A New User

Again, not really a fix you should try to get around the black bar bug, but this method has been thrown around the internet.

  1. Disable Extensions

If you are running a magnitude of Chrome extensions, try disabling them one at a time, while checking to see if the bar goes away.

  1. Reinstall Chrome

Like many issues with any form of application, a quick reinstall of the program may do the trick; although several in the IT community have said that this doesn’t often work.


The Google Chrome ‘bottom black bar’ bug has been around for quite some time, and it seems that nobody has ever found a guaranteed way to completely remove it. However, in my opinion, a quick two button-push of F11 should make your life easier, for now.


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