Operating Systems/Programming

Helpful Windows Commands and Shortcuts


The various commands and shortcuts one can use in Windows have always fascinated me; keeping up to date on the many methods to perform tasks or scripts in the command prompt is something of a hobby for me. Below, are some of the commands and shortcuts that I have recently learned.

  • Alt + Print Screen = see active windows
  • Wherever you’re at in CMD location, enter “start .” to open an explorer window
  • In file explorer, enter CMD in the address bar to open a command prompt for that folder location
  • Alt-D does the same thing CTRL-L does, but with one hand
  • On an error box, CTRL-C automatically copies everything in the box
  • Win + 1,2,3,4,5 = opens your pinned taskbar items
  • Win + Break = System Panel
  • PowerShell CTRL+R = lets you bash search your command history
  • Win+Shift+S = opens Snip and Sketch selection Window
  • Win+V = also opens up your clipboard history panel
  • Win+A = Action Center
  • Win+K = Connect quick action
  • Win+Alt+D = Date/Time/Calendar
  • Win+H = Start Dictation
  • Win+P = Change Presentation Mode
  • Win+CTRL+Q = Quick Assist
  • Win+T = Cycle through apps on the taskbar
  • Win+M = Minimize every window
  • Win+Shift+M = Restore every window
  • Win+Home = Minimize everything except the current window. Press again to restore.
  • Win+CTRL+O = Tinfoil Hat Mode (On-Screen Keyboard)
  • Win+CTRL+D = New Desktop (So cool)
  • Win+CTRL+Arrows L or R = Switch to New Desktop
  • Win+CTRL+F4 = Destroy Virtual Desktop
  • CTRL+SHIFT+ESC = to go straight to task manager
  • Win+. = Opens emoji keyboard
  • Type “Color a” in your command line. Works for a variety of colors 0-9, A-F. You can also combine them like “color fc.”
  • Alt + Shift + F4 = close ALL active applications
  • Shift + Alt + Print = High Contrast:
  • Win key + L = Lock System
  • Win key + R, type cmd, hold ctrl + shift, hit enter = Run Command Prompt as Administrator
  • Win + Up Arrow = Maximize current window


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