Review: Tile Pro- Bluetooth Tracker


How many times have you lost your keys, wallet, or phone? Aside from doing the ‘pat yourself down’ dance before you leave the house, there really hasn’t been an efficient method of safeguarding these easy-to-misplace items. Thankfully, with Tile Bluetooth trackers, it is now effortless to keep an eye on your precious mobile devices and valuables, as well as locate them when they are lost.

Over the weekend, I got my hands on a Tile Pro and wanted to share my thoughts on the product. First, if you are unaware of these devices, let me get you up to speed. Tile products are Bluetooth trackers with user-replaceable batteries. Pairing with either iOS or Android phones, users can ping their Tile tracker to locate their Tile-attached belongings. Once pinged, Tiles will play a ringtone, eliminating those stressful mornings of trying to remember where you last left your keys (probably in the pockets of your jeans). The pinging ability goes both ways, allowing you to locate your phone from your Tile-attached device (even if your phone is on silent). Apart from the ringer, you can also use the Google Map in the app from your phone to help find your lost belongings, showing you exactly where the item is.

There are a few different products in the Tile lineup, the Tile Pro, Mate, Slim, and even a Wallet Tracker. The Tile Pro is one of the more expensive models, coming in at $35 for 1, and up to $100 for a 4-pack.

My Thoughts

Upon the first inspection of the package, I was surprised how small the product was and how simple it was to activate. Within a few minutes, I had downloaded the app on my phone and pinged the Tile device that I attached to my key ring. The app itself is well-built, providing enough sophistication, yet simplicity, to satisfy and entice the user into learning its operations. While I only have one Tile so far, I can add multiple Tiles and locate/ping each Tile, remotely.  The Google Map can indeed help you find the general area (not exact location) of your Tile-attached item; although, within short proximity of your Tile-attached device, the ringer should be enough to do the trick.

Pro Advantages

The Tile Pro’s construction and materials lead me to believe this thing can take a beating. The Tile Pro has a range of 300ft, twice the range of the Tile Mate and three-times the range of the Tile Slim. Similar to the increases in range, the Tile Pro has twice the volume of the Mate and three-times the volume of the Slim. For the small price increase for the Pro, I’d say the benefits are well worth it.

Personal/Professional Use

While I can definitely see the rewards of using the Tile for personal use, within a few hours of using the product, the possibilities of the Tile Bluetooth tracker in a professional setting began to come to light. As an IT Manager, maintaining our IT inventory is a daily project; everything from knowing the exact location of a device to how many there are in a particular area of our building can be accomplished by attaching a Tile to it. For items such as laptops, which can be in many different locations every day, a Tile would allow me to always be able to find its location and prevent theft. A useful addition to the product would be to enable a user to set the Tile’s acceptable range of operation; if someone attempted to take the device out of the office, the ringer would turn on, as well as notify via text of the event.

One feature that I found exciting was the Community Find option. If you lost your luggage (equipped with a Tile), every phone in the community could help you search for it. By enabling “Notify When Found,” as soon as someone with the Tile app came within the range of your luggage, the location would be sent to you.


Overall, I found the Tile Pro to be quite advantageous for such a small (and inexpensive) device. As a lover of all sorts of tech gadgets, safeguarding them all with the aid of another tech gadget seems poetic. The Tile Pro can make many people’s lives much more comfortable, including the elderly, parents, and even those who just tend to misplace things (me).

For more information on Tile products, check out their site here.

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